July 1st Update

Robert’s Update

While campaigns usually experience a slight downturn in energy during the summer months while many people are away on vacations, my campaign is heating up just like the Meridian summer.

Every day I am approached by someone wanting to support my campaign for Mayor whether it be hosting an event, volunteering, giving me their endorsement or donating. It’s incredible to me how passionate Meridian residents — and others who care about our city’s future — are in this campaign. Many are business or civic leaders. Others are dads and moms, college students and retirees. But they all understand that we must continue the work that Mayor Tammy and I have been doing together to ensure Meridian remains a safe community built around families.

I had several conversations last week focused on the fact that Meridian is the most critical city in the Treasure Valley because of our location. All major roads cross Meridian. To the west is Canyon County and Nampa. Eagle and Star are due north. To the south is Kuna. Boise lies to the east. That may be one reason why donors and volunteers from across the valley want to be involved in this campaign. Meridian’s future and willingness to work collaboratively with our partners and other organizations affects us all. Be it for roads, public transit or safety services, we are at the center of it all, and the relationships I have built in this valley over the last decade, are crucial to all our success.

If you feel Meridian’s future matters to you, then make the decision today to get involved. Join the CEO’s, educators, retirees, and students who are stepping up to help out. Together we can ensure a solid, stable premier. You can offer your endorsement, donate or share your talents or abilities with our campaign. All you need to do is email me here and we will get you involved.

Thanks for your continued interest and support!

Five Easy Ways to Help the Campaign

  • Make a donation by clicking here. We want to get 500 people to donate $19, so please help out today!
  • Like Simison for Meridian on Facebook and share the page with your Meridian friends.
  • Endorse Robert and provide the campaign with a quote we can post for others to see why you support him.
  • Sign up to vote absentee. Email the campaign here and we will help you get your ballot early.
  • Submit a volunteer form here and tell us how you are willing to help.


Here are a couple of endorsements we released recently to the community.

“I worked with Robert while serving on the city council and saw firsthand that he is well qualified to run our city. Chandos and I support Robert as he has the vision and passion for our community to make it a place we will be proud to call our home.” – Brad Hoaglun (top)

“We proudly endorse Robert Simison for Meridian Mayor! We have known Robert for many years and know he is the right man for the job. His detailed knowledge of our city government, his outstanding vision for the city’s future and his moral integrity makes him the obvious choice for Mayor. He gets our vote, and we hope he gets yours as well!” – Richard Dees (bottom)

Thank You Volunteers

We want to thank the sponsors and all those who attended the fundraiser at the home of Meridian School Board member Mike Vuittonet. The funds raised, endorsements received, and the relationships built are already paying dividends for the campaign.

Not to be outdone, we had a great turnout with our entry in the Meridian Dairy Days parade with our Legend Dairy float – the Red Steer Milkshake. A special thanks to Robert’s family who provided the truck and put together the float, the youth who were in full force handing out the candy, and everyone who had fun along the way. This event is a real bellwether for any campaign in Meridian and we hit it out of the park! 

If you would like to join us at our next event, please submit a volunteer form here and join our winning team today!

Social Media


Social Media continues to play a bigger and bigger role in our campaign. If you haven’t followed the campaign yet, we encourage you to do so by liking simisonformeridian on FacebookInstagram and Youtube, and @electsimison on Twitter. You can also follow Robert on his personal Twitter account. If you are following, thank you.

You can also invite your friends (who live/work/play in Meridian and the Treasure Valley) to like these same pages. Individually invite them so they, too, can learn more about Robert and the campaign. These simple steps are some of the easiest and best ways you can help the campaign today!

Upcoming Events

Volunteer Night
Tuesday, July 9
5:30 – 7 pm
1841 W Chateau Dr, Meridian

Koontz Meet & Greet
Thursday, July 11
5:30 – 6:30 pm
Reflection Ridge Clubhouse

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