September 9th Update

Robert’s Update

It’s time to come together. The filing period has officially closed, and people can begin voting in 26 days. No, that was not a type-o. Absentee voting starts in 26 days, early voting begins in 40 days, and the polls will open in 55 days.

If you have been waiting to get involved until it got closer to the election, well that time is NOW! With a total of five candidates running for Mayor, the residents of Meridian don’t have long to get educated – which is why they need to hear from you, as much as they hear from me.

We are stronger together which is why I’m calling on all of you for help. You can help in many ways (and many of you have) – getting my message out to the community is so important. First, I need each of you to please make sure you like my Facebook page, Simison For Meridian so you will see the content we put out ahead leading up to the election. Second, when you see new content, please share it with your friends on Facebook to help spread the message. And finally, invite your friends to like my page so they see it as well. We have videos, event updates, endorsement posts, and I’ll be posting my thoughts on different issues.

Right now it is critical we have strong, experienced leadership in the Mayor’s Office and on City Council. My experience working alongside Mayor Tammy, living, and raising a family in Meridian gives me a unique perspective and makes me the best candidate for our community.

Finally, over the next few weeks I will be taking a look at the candidates who have filed for City Council. It is my intention to let you know who I think will be the best group to work with for the next four years to keep our City premier. Luckily, one of the seats only had one person file, Brad Hoaglun. It will be an honor to serve with him. He is running unopposed which puts the City on the right path moving forward.


Latest News

Look for these updates and please share them on social media. It’s important the voters know where I stand on major issues. You can learn more here:

We’ve launched this video. If you see it on your timeline, please share it with your friends.

What a great weekend we had! Early Saturday we had signs go up all over Meridain thanks to a great group of sign pounders. Not too much later, we set up our booth at the Meridian Community Block Party for a day of interactions with voters! Thank you to all who volunteered and to those who stopped by to visit with us. It was an amazing display of dedication by so many!

Also special thanks to those who hosted meet and greet events last month. These events are so important in providing an opportunity for me to connect with residents face to face and often lead to other events. We have many more on the calendar for this month with several underway for October. Check out the information here, or below in this newsletter.

Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet
Tues, Sept 10
6pm – 7:30pm
5532 N. Fox Run Way, Meridian

Meet and Greet
Thurs, Sept 19
6pm – 7:30pm
3381 E. Yesternight St, Meridian

Meet and Greet
Mon, Sept 23
6pm – 7:30pm
5268 S. Bleachfield Ave, Meridian


“As a proud citizen of Meridian I have had the honor to live with the positive results Mayor Tammy has created for our city. In 2019 I’m now more than honored to say this positive tradition of innovation, quality infrastructure and protection of family values will continue with Mr. Robert Simison! If you, like me, love this city and you want to continue its positive values, growth and beauty, then you want Robert Simison as Mayor of Meridian.”

– Troy McClain, Meridian Resident

“We moved to the Meridian area in 1978. Meridian has always been a truly great place to live and raise a family. Mayor Tammy is one of the greatest public servants we have ever known. Meridian has made great progress under her tremendous leadership. We know of no one better suited to carry on her great legacy than her Chief of Staff, Robert Simison. We are voting for Robert and encourage our friends and neighbors to vote Simison for Meridian Mayor on November 5.”

– Roger and Leslie Madsen, Meridian Residents

Five Easy Ways to Help the Campaign

  • If you haven’t made a donation to the campaign yet, we need your help! We want to get 500 people to donate $19 each (yes, that is $38 a couple and counts for 2, as long as we can tell it is from 2 people). You can make a donation by clicking here or by mailing a check,  payable to Simison for Meridian, to PO Box 971, Meridian, ID 83680.
  • Sign up to receive a yard sign. We will be placing our order soon and want to make sure we order enough. You can email the campaign here with your address, and we will make sure you are added to the list.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor. We are already coordinating letters to the editor so we can get them submitted leading up to the election. Email the campaign here and we will follow-up with a very easy template for you to use.
  • Sign up to vote absentee. Email the campaign here and we will help you get your ballot early.
  • We will have several needs coming up as early as September. We will need teams of people to help put up large signs, deliver yard signs, help call voters, door knock neighborhoods, and so much more. Submit a volunteer form here and show Robert how you are willing to help support his campaign.


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